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The place is being builded 6000 m². Seniority in very green 100 rooms and with prepaired foundation approximate 200 person . The place is to decorated oneself between orange, lemon, tangerine, pomegranate, fruits apple green, roses, grenaium, acacıa... etc. This place is prefer a plan holiday for to rest of families very smiler, calm, peaceful with person.

APART ROOM                 :25
STUDIO ROOM                :75

Room Types and Properties

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In our hotel,
Apart Room               Studio Room

There are two main types of room.. 25 pieces Apart (1 room and hall). 75 pieces Studio (in kitchen and one room). There is a Kitchen Equipment, Air Conditioner, Safe, Shower and WC.

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Our hotel was renovated in 2014 from top to bottom. Our new rooms, lobby and bar can be viewed from picture gallery page or virtual tour....